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14 Different Types of Home Decoe Styles

14 Different Types of Home Decoe Styles

14 Different Types of Home Decoe Styles - Buying a house is no longer just buying a permanent building to shelter from the heat and rain, but also buying comfort and aesthetic value. This comfort and aesthetic value can be realized by choosing a home interior design that matches the size of the house.

If you have more funds to hire the services of an interior designer, the matter of determining the interior design of the house certainly becomes easier. But, what if you don't want to use the services of an interior designer? Relax, you can apply yourself the main points of the interior design of the house that you want to use.

Before you take action to implement your own home interior design, it's good to know the following 14 types of the most popular home interior designs in the world!

14 Different Types of Home Decoe Styles

1. Scandinavian home interior design

Scandinavian home interior design is synonymous with a clean and natural impression. The floor usually uses white ceramic or wood material. There is not much decoration in this interior design.

The arrangement of furniture is also done neatly so that there is no messy impression, especially when decorating the family room. The attraction of this design is the lighting and throw fabrics as decorations on the sofa.

2. Modern home interior design

In addition to minimalism, modern home interior design is also often chosen by modern society. The elements used in modern home designs can also be said to be similar to minimalist home interior designs. It's just that the interior design of this modern house is identical to furniture that uses iron and glass materials to create a shiny and modern feel.

3. Traditional house interior design

The interior design of this traditional house is a typical European style that is synonymous with wood elements. You can apply wood elements to all parts of the house, from wooden floor materials, chairs, tables, cabinets, to decorations. The use of brown wood elements will create a natural and warm atmosphere that will complement the togetherness of the residents of the house.

4. Vintage home interior design

Vintage home interior design is often associated with women because it looks beautiful and sweet. The interior design of this vintage house is dominated by soft colors such as white, light green, light gray, pastel pink, and light yellow. For the motif, this interior design is dominated by small flowers that are applied to pillowcases or sofa upholstery.

While the furniture that is usually used when arranging a vintage living room, for example, usually uses wood material whose paint is slightly peeling so that it leaves an impression of the past. Some of them are wardrobe, coffee table, and display rack.

5. Shabby chic home interior design

The interior design of a shabby chic house is influenced by a very feminine and gentle vintage style. This shabby chic interior is dominated by white, cream, and other pastel colors. The word shabby itself has a shabby meaning, so don't be surprised if you will find a lot of shabby-style furniture in this interior.

This shabby furniture is usually in the form of a wooden table or cabinet whose paint has started to peel or the reuse of old used items as furniture. Used items that can be reused, for example, wooden containers as small TV tables or cans as indoor plant pots.

6. Bohemian home interior design

This bohemian home interior design is perfect for those of you who have a free and expressive spirit. The bohemian style is characterized by the use of carpets and fabrics that enliven the appearance of the room.

To apply this interior design, you can combine various motifs and colors at once in one room. For example, using the Mandala tapestry as a decoration. Red pillowcases with green carpet? No problem. Using two types of sofas at once, such as a sofa bed and an L sofa, is also not a problem.

7. Contemporary home interior design

Contemporary home interior design is a design style that represents the present. This design continues to evolve over time. However, basically contemporary interior design is dominated by sleek lines and contrasts. In addition, lighting techniques are also used to focus on the accent wall.

The elements that are often used are silk, velvet, linen, and wool for decorations such as pillows or bed covers, and steel and chrome for decorations such as lamps, wall hangings, or tables.

8. Industrial house interior design

Industrial house interior designs get inspiration from industrial warehouse interiors. Industrial interior design is synonymous with concrete floors and steel ceilings. Abroad, it is not uncommon for people to renovate former warehouses to get a thick industrial interior.

The colors that dominate this industrial interior are black and gray. The furniture used is usually made of metal and iron. If you want to apply this interior design, make sure you have a high ceiling.

9. Minimalist home interior design

Minimalist home interior design is the most popular interior design among modern people who have small homes and want a simple style. Minimalist home interior design is identical to neutral colors such as white, gray, and black.

The furniture used has clean lines and simple shapes such as squares and round as in minimalist sofas and tables. This house with a minimalist interior also doesn't have many decorations in every corner.

10. Transition house interior design

Transitional house interior design is a blend of traditional and modern styles. The elements used are furniture made of glass and iron, as well as neutral colors such as white and brown. This interior design will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for its residents.

11. Mid-century–modern home interior design

The interior design of this mid-century–modern house was popular in the mid-1950s with a characteristic feel that is simple, clean, and integrated with nature. The colors that are most often used in this interior design are warm and natural colors such as brown.

Other colors that are commonly chosen for this style are olive green, orange, yellow, or gray. The furniture used usually has a smooth curve or has a geometric shape.

12. Nautical house interior design

The interior design of this nautical house is an interior design that is identical to the beach or sea atmosphere. The colors that dominate the interior design are, of course, blue and white.

The decorations that are often used are blue and white stripes and marine nuances such as sand, seashells, or ship rudders. This interior is suitable for those of you who like the color blue or have a house near the beach.

13. Rustic house interior design

The interior design of a rustic house is identical to the elements of unfinished wood and natural stone. This element can be seen from the bare brick walls, exposed ceilings, and wooden furniture. The nuance created by this interior design is rustic yet warm.

14. Victorian house interior design

The interior design of this Victorian house is often found in European buildings. This design is synonymous with grandeur and luxurious colors, such as gold and ivory white.

The furniture used has intricate carvings and many curves. The decorations that should not be forgotten are the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling as well as various high art paintings.

After knowing the various kinds of interior designs above, what interior design will you apply to your new home later?