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Best Bathroom Remodeling Fairfax Virginia

Best Bathroom Remodeling Fairfax Virginia

Bathroom Remodeling Fairfax Virginia - Bathroom renovations are usually done to repair damaged elements, such as a toilet, bathtub, or ceramic tile. But bathroom renovations can also be done to improve aesthetics, namely to make the bathroom more beautiful and attractive.

Even so, the process of remodeling a bathroom is not an easy thing. There are so many important elements to pay attention to in this small room.

So, so that the renovation process can take place safely and smoothly, and it doesn't cost too much, consider the following tips!

7 Tips Bathroom Remodeling Fairfax Virginia

1. Bathroom Ventilation

The bathroom needs good ventilation. Ventilation can be a properly sized window, or an exhaust fan. For exhaust fans, pay attention to their exhaust capacity (or how many cubic meters of air per minute they can move). Also pay attention to the noise level.

2. Choose the right floor

The best choices for bathroom floors are water-resistant ceramic and porcelain. Choose colors and patterns that match the overall feel of your bathroom.

3. Adjust the color of the bathroom with the size

To make a small bathroom look bigger, make sure the color palette used stays in the white or light color spectrum. Dark colors will make the room feel smaller and cramped. Use white or light-colored bathroom fixtures, for example for the toilet and bath.

4. Lighting in the bathroom

The bathroom is the place where you will visually inspect your hair and face. Consider adding lighting around the bathroom mirror.

5. Clothes hanger or towel

Expand the hanger in the form of hooks on the bathroom wall or behind the door, its function can be used for everything from hanging clothes to towels. Place hooks on the back of doors, on the sides of cabinets, or on unused walls.

6. Add more mirrors

Most people consider the mirror in the bathroom only for the purpose of checking makeup or straightening hair. But it's also important to think of the mirror in the bathroom as a design element that visually expands the room and adds lightness to the room.

7. Place ornamental plants

Several types of ornamental plants can be placed in the bathroom to help reduce humidity. In addition, the presence of ornamental plants can also add to the aesthetics of the bathroom.