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2 Story House Idea

2 Story House Idea

2 Story House Idea - A house is one thing that a family definitely wants to own. Of course, you and your partner don't want to spend a long time staying at your parents' house, in-laws, or even moving around in rented houses? Owning a house doesn't have to be large.

You can take advantage of a small area and design it into two floors. Here are 15 design inspirations for a minimalist 2-storey house plan with this narrow land that can be a place for you and your family to live. Like what?

1. One of the rooms upstairs can be filled with twin beds to fit a lot!

2. Children's rooms that are put together can be a solution to save space

3. Only having one bathroom upstairs is a solution if you also want to have a rather spacious balcony

4. The top floor can be used for rooms as well as a family TV room!

5. Or do you prefer this one design?

6. You can combine the dining room and kitchen to make it look more spacious

7. There's nothing wrong, you know, the children's room is made as large as the parents' room

8. Want to copy this idea?

9. This design can also be a mainstay for those who have limited land!

10. Even though it doesn't have a front yard, this house has quite a yard at the back

11. Although the ground floor looks narrow, the upper floor can be made more spacious

12. This design is perfect for those of you who need a lot of room!

13. Even though it looks very small, parents can get their own privacy on the second floor

14. Bunk beds can be a surefire way to save space, you know

15. Well, this design is suitable for married couples who don't have children yet

Those are some floor plans and minimalist house designs. How? Have you discussed with your partner and made a choice?