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7 Inspiration Idea Bed Design With Cupboard

Bedroom Inspiration with Space Saving Custom Wardrobe

If you have a small room, it means you have to be more careful in saving space. Well, as a solution to make your room more space-saving, you can use a custom wardrobe. This type of wardrobe can be adjusted to the size, condition of the room, and the needs of the owner. So, the bedroom will feel efficient and more comfortable.

Need room design ideas with custom cabinets for your new home? Don't worry, we have prepared various inspirations for you. Without further ado, just check the six room design ideas below, come on!

Tiny Custom Wardrobe in Japandi Room

Take a look around your room, is there any space or area left? Instead of wasting it, it's better to just make a small custom wardrobe in the area, as in the inspiration for the Japan room above. This bedroom design utilizes the empty area next to the door for a custom wardrobe that also doubles as a study table.

Unmitigated, this wardrobe is made to the ceiling of the room, where the top is a closed shelf to store various items that are rarely used. The combination of wood and white colors typical of Japan in the wardrobe also makes the atmosphere of the room warm and comfortable, and has a natural impression.

Space-saving Room for Two Family Members

Using a bunk bed for a room with two family members is indeed a more space-saving solution. However, it would be even more efficient if the bed was modified with a custom wardrobe like the idea above.

The position of the bunk bed is not parallel, but inclined. At the top of the lower bunk is a four-door wardrobe. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the top bunk there is a spacious and comfortable study table. Well, because it is custom made, the appearance of the wardrobe, bed, shelf, and study table also looks harmonious.

Custom Multifunction Wardrobe in Apartment Room

Living in a one-bedroom apartment will feel more comfortable if you use a multifunctional wardrobe. For example, there is this Japanese-style Scandinavian-style room design idea. Custom wardrobe is placed in the corner of the room. The top uses the same wood material as the door. Looks good together, right?

This multifunctional wardrobe is a clothes storage area as well as a TV backdrop. If you don't have a multifunctional wardrobe that is custom made, it's difficult to arrange the TV and wardrobe in the room without blocking the windows and space.

Wardrobe and Work Desk

Small rooms often make you in a state of confusion. Should I sacrifice my desk or cupboard? Stop! You don't need to remove one of these pieces of furniture because you can bring both of them without making the room narrower.

The solution, of course, is to use a super-multifunctional and space-saving custom wardrobe, like the model above. This large wardrobe is equipped with shelves and storage on the side, while the door is equipped with a folding table. The door also has lockable wheels. So, you can choose to work while facing the closet or to another corner of the room. Very interesting, huh?

Custom Walk-in Closet

Want to have a mini walk-in closet in the room? Just copy this modern Scandinavian-style custom wardrobe! The wardrobe is made soaring up to the ceiling. Some doors are made like 2-door wardrobes, some use sliding doors so the room will remain space-saving. Beside the cupboard there is a mirror and also a shelf with a glass door to store your favorite bag or shoes.

Not to forget, opposite this custom wardrobe there is also a minimalist dressing table and stool combined with a wall shelf on the side. You can make this custom wardrobe in the corner of the room so that the impression is in a separate room like a walk-in closet in a luxury room.

Corner of space is not wasted

The corner of the room is always a difficult point to put a closet. Often, their owners are deterred because of size issues. Well, with custom cabinets, you can more easily utilize the corner of the room efficiently and space-saving. One of them is by making an angled wardrobe.

Choose a door model that opens by sliding it so it won't hit the wall or other parts of the cupboard. Although it looks small, the storage area in this custom wardrobe is as large as a standard size cupboard.

Custom Cabinets that Integrate with the Headboard

Saving space does not mean having to sacrifice room aesthetics. This last design idea utilizes a custom cabinet that is made to blend with the headboard. The nuance is so luxurious and elegant thanks to the use of granite-style patterned materials.

The wardrobe almost covers the entire area of ​​the wall in the bed area. All your belongings can be stored neatly. Not to forget, right next to the bed there is also a niche which is still part of the cupboard that functions as a nightstand.

The size of the wardrobe and the room is not the only aspect that needs to be considered when creating a custom wardrobe. Also pay attention to the additional features you need, and choose durable materials. The reason is, you need to spend more if you want to remodel or repair it at a later date. Hopefully the six room designs with custom wardrobes can inspire you, OK!